SACMI: «We ARE Tableware» takes center-stage at Ceramitec 2022

SACMI: «We ARE Tableware» takes center-stage at Ceramitec 2022

SAMA Open Days offers an opportunity to visit the place where all the SACMI Tableware companies’ key technologies come into being, and see the Lab and pilot plant in action. On show: first and foremost the latest glazing solutions, plus the full range, which covers everything from forming to automatic, robotic finishing.

A major international showcase for ceramic-making technology, this year’s Ceramitec fair in Munich will feature “We ARE Tableware”, illustrating SACMI’s comprehensive range for the industry. It’ll also include some Open Days (21-24 June 2022), giving potential and existing customers a great opportunity to visit the Weissenstadt-based SAMA headquarters and learn more about all our technologies and services.

So, what’s on offer? First, a visit to the SAMA Laboratory, a facility that offers a unique service that lets customers speed up the development of new products and test them directly with their own raw materials on the pilot plant. From here, visitors will be able to get a close look at the extensive SAMA technology pool, recently enhanced with some major innovations.
From the membrane department to the patented SAMApor platform (porous resin molds), the company now provides an even broader range of technologies and systems to allow flexible, automated management of every single tableware item.

SAMA is an all-round provider of high-efficiency, energy-saving pressing technologies (isostatic presses, high pressure casting). Its range stands out on account of both its breadth and the ability to integrate advanced automation - such as automatic, robotic finishing - on the press range.
More specifically, with its new “Green Series”, SAMA has set new market standards in terms of both product mix/automation management versatility and consumption, as much as 30% lower compared to conventional solutions.

During the event, customers will be able to observe the isostatic pressing of cups and mugs (SAMA PHO Series) and attend a presentation of cup handle pressure casting technology, which includes the automatic attachment of the handle to the cup body. Visitors can also see the PCM-NH 25 (which pressure-casts cups complete with handles) in action.

On the glazing front, SAMA will present the MONO10T Evolution, already the market benchmark on account of its modular design, quick set-up and fast glaze-color changeovers.
Product quality and aesthetics are also the focus of COLORFLEX: this latest RobotGlaze platform, developed with Gaiotto, provides a top-flight response to burgeoning market demand for flexibility. TRIPLEX, instead, is the tried and tested SAMA dip glazing solution that has enjoyed worldwide success.
Should visitors wish go into topics of interest in greater depth, SAMA’s team of specialists shall be at their complete disposal.

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