New SACMI AVMs for GSI Ceramica

New SACMI AVMs for GSI Ceramica

Two additional machines recently installed, bringing to 11 the number of cutting-edge fully automated AVM solutions in operation at GSI Ceramica. Another success story for this SACMI technology with 280 solutions sold around the globe

Leading manufacturer of “Italian Made” ceramic sanitaryware and bathroom design, GSI Ceramica has once again invested in SACMI AVM technology; the single-mould casting machine renowned throughout the market for the production of complex WCs.

The most widely-sold machine of its kind – at the end of 2023 a total of 280 SACMI AVM solutions had been supplied to customers around the world – this solution is the flagship machine of the casting lines installed at GSI Ceramica’s factory in Gallese (Vt), the company headquarters located in the heart of the Civita Castellana sanitaryware production district.

The company has recently started up two further AVM cells bringing to a total of 11 the number of solutions running at the plant. All the machines are equipped with the latest generation automation systems such as transfer to the SACMI FPV pre-dryer, green piece finishing (which is carried out without any manual handling) and automatic loading onto the transfer car.

GSI Ceramica, whose winning market approach is characterized by the perfect combination of Italian tradition and continuous innovation, has relied on SACMI as its partner for the supply of casting, handling and glazing lines for over 40 years. The recent start-up of the two new AVM falls within GSI Ceramica’s broader strategy for continuous technological development and includes the advanced tracking, monitoring and control functions  guaranteed by the inter-connectivity of all the machines with the SACMI supervisor.

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