New SACMI-Riedhammer tunnel kiln delivered to MCP Manisa Seramik

New SACMI-Riedhammer tunnel kiln delivered to MCP Manisa Seramik

The new investment gives added value to the production capacity expansion project completed in 2021.
The latest generation kiln recently supplied is provided with complete heat recovery systems for energy saving and “zero fuel” pre-dryer operation.

With the start-up of the new SACMI TWS kiln, MCP Manisa Seramik brings to completion its expansion project at the new production site located in the region of Izmir (Turkey). The new tunnel kiln developed by SACMI-Riedhammer, is 93 metres long, with a working width of 3.6 metres and was supplied complete with a 9m pre-kiln dryer to dry the pieces before firing.

Also equipped with a complete set of fans and stand-by devices to help maintenance operations and prevent machine stoppages, the kiln is provided with 82 burners and 11 control ramps as well as EMS 200 (Energy Management System); the exclusive Riedhammer system for recovery of combustion air at 200 °C to be directed to the pre-heating area.

In addition to direct recovery, there is a system which uses hot air arriving from kiln cooling, allowing all the available heat to be recovered and directed to other parts of the factory. The system works so efficiently that the pre-dryer supplied – which is not provided with a burner – can operate at full capacity with “zero fuel”.
In particular, the new tunnel kiln, with a production output of 2230 pieces per day over 3 work-shifts, fully utilizes the capacity of the production expansion completed in 2021 with the new glaze and body preparation department. The tunnel kiln runs alongside the two shuttle kilns supplied by SACMI in 2018. Of particular importance, from this point of view, are the automated kiln loading-unloading systems and, especially, the installation of an additional storage buffer making it possible to avoid the presence of an operator during the night shift.

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